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Valuation Of Complex Assets

Valuation Of Complex Assets

In the division of property during a divorce, the first major issue is to identify marital property. The second major issue is to seek proper valuation of complex assets, such as ownership interests in business, commercial real estate, or options.

To learn more about valuation of complex assets in divorce proceedings, call us at 312-624-7645 to schedule an initial consultation. It is crucial that you employ the assistance of an experience Chicago divorce attorney for valuation of complex assets — it requires a specialized skill set and frame of mind.

Valuation Of Complex Marital Assets During A Divorce – What You Need To Know

For example, many issues are raised when trying to value a privately held business or a professional practice. In this context, it depends on the type of business being valued — a solo practice may have no independent value other than the income generated, whereas a restaurant oftentimes has a value that is independent of the individuals who work there. Further, it is important to think creatively — how can you divide the value without destroying the business? An experienced and creative attorney can figure out ways to capture value within the divorce without destroying the asset.

The same holds true for real estate, particularly commercial real estate. Further, valuing pension benefits and certain other types of securities can raise difficult valuation issues of their own.

After assets are valued, the next step is making sure that you receive your fair share of those assets and making sure that your spouse does not receive an unfairly large share. We will work with you to ensure proper valuation of complex assets, and that the assets are divided fairly.

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