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Child Custody Modification

Need A Child Custody Modification?

As it often is in life, circumstances do change. Some of these are out of your control including losing a job. Others are more in your control such as getting remarried. These are examples of significant life changes that could impact an existing child custody agreement. If you believe you require a post-judgment modification involving a child custody issue, seek the help of a seasoned divorce lawyer.

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., our attorneys believe in providing quality and efficient family law counsel for our clients in the Chicago, Illinois, area. If you require a post-judgment modification petition that relates to a child custody issue, please find out more about how we can help you by scheduling an initial consultation. You can reach us online today to learn more about our law firm.

Significant Life Change Impacting Child Custody

While we cannot guarantee the court will honor your petition for a post-judgment modification, we can do our very best in advocating your request. This can include drafting the motion and representing you in family law court. The judge will review the facts of your situation and apply post-judgment modification factors to your situation. The most important factor of all is whether the modification will be in the best interest of the child.

Other factors include whether or not there has been a substantial change in circumstances. For example, suppose your former spouse has not remarried. This may merit a change in the custody arrangement and parenting time schedule. Keep in mind that every situation is different.

Other events that could be deemed a substantial change in circumstance include losing your job, getting a new job in another city, state, or even country, as well as moving away. Relocating is not something that you can do without seeking permission from the court, and without a compelling reason, gaining approval for your move can be difficult. This is very important to understand. Seek legal counsel before making any changes in your child custody arrangement. The court has to approve the changes; otherwise, there are serious implications.

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