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Post Judgment Modifications

Do You Need A Post-Judgment Modification?

In a divorce, the initial decision is not always the end of the line. Under certain circumstances, you can seek to modify the judgment that was entered in your case, including the provisions dealing with child support, visitation or custody. This modification can be due to changes in financial status or lifestyle. What was best for your child at one point in time may not be best for your child at another. Our lawyers can help you seek the changes necessary to ensure the safety and comfort of your child.

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For example, you may have learned that your former spouse has received a promotion and is now making a substantially larger income, or your child’s living expenses may have increased. Changes like these may entitle you to receive additional child support so you can increase or keep level your child’s standard of living.

The Safety Of Your Child And Parental Alienation

You may have discovered that your child is being placed in a situation that you feel is unsafe by your former spouse or that your former spouse has taken actions that are not in your child’s best interest. You may also learn that your former spouse has taken steps to alienate your child from you. Either of these can be grounds to seek modification of your pre-existing child custody arrangements.

When you choose the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., to represent you, an experienced attorney will take your case through the process. At no point will your case be passed along to a paralegal or to a less experienced associate. While they may help from time to time, it will happen with your knowledge and approval, and we will supervise every aspect of the assignment.

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