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Chicago Child Custody Lawyer

Helping Illinois Families With Child Custody Issues

Child custody and visitation matters are among the most emotional issues to confront in a divorce. You know your life will change dramatically, but hope to minimize the negative consequences that your children may experience. You want what is best for your children. So do we.

Chicago Child Custody Lawyer

Chicago Child Custody And Visitation Lawyers

When you choose the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., to represent you, our attorneys will put all of the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years of practicing law to work helping you get the results you need. As Chicago child custody and visitation lawyers, we will work with you to develop a plan that places your children and their needs at the forefront of custody decisions.

Joint Custody Attorneys In Cook County, Illinois

There are two main types of custody that parents need to agree on or have a judge decide in a divorce: legal custody and residential custody. Legal custody refers to the right and responsibility a parent has to make decisions about some of the bigger issues in a child’s life, including where the child will go to school, receive religious instruction and obtain elective medical care. If a couple is incapable of communicating about issues surrounding their child, or if there is evidence of domestic violence, it is more likely that a judge would award sole custody to one of the parents.

Residential custody describes where the child primarily lives. The parent who has primary residential custody will likely receive child support from the other party. When a court determines residential custody decisions it will consider which parent has been the primary caretaker and the nature of the parents’ relationship with the children, along with other factors.

Both sole and residential custody decisions are made using what is known as the best interests of the child standard. This is a legal framework that includes key factors designed to help the adults in a divorce case not to forget about the needs of the minor children involved. All of these factors may not apply in your case, but the factors generally include:

  • The wishes of the child’s parent about custody
  • Depending on the child’s age, the wishes of the child about where he or she wants to live
  • The mental and physical health of all individuals involved
  • The interaction the child has with his or her parents, siblings and other key people
  • How the child has adjusted to his or her home, school and community
  • The existence of physical violence in the family
  • Whether or not parents are willing and able to facilitate and encourage a close and continuing relationship between the child and other parent

Our attorneys can handle all aspects of your child custody and visitation case, including help with relocating with a child after a final divorce. We will take the time to learn about the needs of you and your children and what it is that you think is best for your children. When we build your case, we will build it around those needs. Your case will be specifically designed to get what you believe is right for your children. Legal solutions are not one-size-fits-all.

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We take pride in offering solutions that are effective, efficient, and cost-conscious. Our founding attorney, George M. Sanders, spent the majority of his career working in large firms. He has now funneled all of the knowledge and experience he gained in those roles into the small practice he currently operates with his team of Chicago child custody lawyers. You will get the same level of service you expect from a large downtown Chicago law firm, with the personal care and attention that a small firm can offer.

Whether you are going through the initial process, or you are interested in making post-judgment changes, as a Chicago child custody lawyer, we can help.

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact our Chicago child custody law firm or call our office at 312-624-7645. We are available to assist clients throughout Chicagoland, particularly those in Cook County, Lake County, and the surrounding areas with child custody and visitation issues.

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You will find our attorneys to be flexible, responsive, and ready to begin providing exceptional representation to protect your rights and your best interests immediately. Call our law office now at 312-624-7645 to schedule a consultation about your family law needs at no initial charge.


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