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Keeping Your Children First in Your Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and highly emotional process for anyone.  Disputes about child custody and residential custody, however, can make a divorce significantly more difficult and painful. Regardless of your relationship with your spouse, it is important to think of your children first before speaking or acting in a way that might hurt your children. When custody issues exist, it is critical to always put the children’s needs first, and a skilled Chicago family law attorney can help you navigate the process. 

The word “divorce” is both scary and sad for children.  For example, their home is going to change, and even in the best of cases they will not see either parent as much as they used to see them.  The loss of stability and the loss of living as a unified family is painful to children. Although it is impossible to insulate your children from the disruption caused by the divorce, there are many things both parents can do to minimize the impact of a divorce on their lives. 

Actions that Can Be Helpful for Children While Going Through a Divorce 

  • Don’t Involve The Children in The Disputes You Have With Your Spouse: – It is important that you not share details about the divorce with your children.  Sharing details of the divorce with the children can put significant emotional strain on them that they are not equipped to deal with.  Further, courts do not like parents discussing the divorce with their children and can take action against a parent that does so.
  • Emphasize they are not to blame – It is important to emphasize that the decision to divorce was made between you and your spouse. Children will oftentimes put the blame on themselves. 

Actions that Can Be Harmful to Children During the Divorce Process

  • Talking poorly about your ex – Even when you are going through the most difficult times emotionally, it is essential to remain positive or at least neutral around your children with respect to the other parent. Remember that regardless of what you are going through, your children still love your spouse, even though you are trying to find distance.  
  • Work to Limit Change to Their Routine – A divorce will cause some level of disruption in the lives of your children.  It is important, therefore, to work to minimize the disruption of their routines. Although your children might be living in a different house, going to a different school, there are many things in their lives that don’t have to change. This will help your children feel stable and secure. 

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Anyone who has started the divorce process while attempting to keep their family together knows how difficult this is. Children often will put on a brave face in order to protect their parents while suffering emotionally. There are support systems available for parents looking to go through this process amicably with their children’s best interests at heart. The legal team at The Law Offices of George M. Sanders P.C. can support you as you navigate these complicated waters. Contact us today for a consultation. Your family matters, and we are here to help. 

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