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Parenting Time Attorney Oak Brook

Parenting Time Attorney Oak Brook

While divorce is about two partners going their separate ways, it can be nearly impossible if they have children together – at least until they are no longer minors and can make their own decisions. The divorce process allows parents to work through their differences and share ideas about what they think might work best when it comes to parenting time before and after the divorce is finalized. In fact, many parents turn to the knowledge of a parenting time attorney in Oak Brook for help during this time. 

Determining Parenting Time in a Divorce

Illinois family courts encourage spouses to work together whenever possible to create a parenting plan that works well for them both. It is advantageous for them to do this because the divorce likely won’t take as long, and they have more control over the outcome. However, the judge will still need to approve the parenting time plan. Keep in mind that the court’s priority is to ensure that the kids’ best interests are upheld. Any parenting plan that they feel doesn’t protect the kids’ best interest will be rejected.

When you hire an experienced parenting time lawyer in Oak Brook, they can help you come up with a plan that would best suit your needs and present it to your child’s other parent. They can help negotiate the terms of the parenting plan from there. If a settlement can’t be reached, they can represent you in court. 

What are Supervised or Restricted Visitation Orders?

Sometimes, the family court judge determines that parenting time with the non-custodial parent won’t be in the child’s best interests. In these cases, visitation might not be allowed, or restrictions might be placed on it. For example, visitation might be ordered, but it must be supervised by a third party appointed by the court or selected by the parents. Suppose the non-custodial parent has a history of domestic violence, sexual abuse, or substance abuse. In that case, the court may restrict or prohibit visitation until it believes the child isn’t at risk anymore.

Can Parenting Time be Changed?

As a general rule, the courts want parenting plans or custody agreements to be permanent. However, they recognize that there are life circumstances that might necessitate a change to the parenting plan. When this happens, the parents can negotiate a new agreement and get it approved by the court. If they are unable to negotiate a new agreement, the judge will rule on the request for them. Keep in mind that only certain circumstances warrant a modification to a custody agreement. These can include:

  • One parent is moving
  • One parent isn’t following the terms of the current custody order/agreement
  • The child’s needs have changed
  • One parent’s situation has changed
  • The child is in danger

Your parenting time attorney in Oak Brook can also help you with any modifications you might need to make or requests you might need to respond to.

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When you hire a knowledgeable parenting time attorney in Oak Brook, you can be assured that someone is on your side as you seek a desirable parenting plan. An attorney can help ensure that your legal rights are protected. Contact Sanders Family Law today to learn more about your parenting time options and how we can help.

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