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Oak Brook Property Division Attorney

Oak Brook Property Division Attorney

Oak Brook Divorce Lawyers Advising on Property Division Issues

Emotions can run high between parties to an Illinois divorce, making disputes common in the area of asset distribution. The value and ownership of the property are often at the core of disputes. Even the seemingly simple task of classifying marital and non-martial items can present obstacles to resolution.

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., our Oak Brook property division attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients with all types of asset distribution issues. Please check us out online or give us a call at 312-624-7645 to set up an initial consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer, or with questions about your circumstances.

Summary of Illinois Divorce Law on Asset Division

Illinois law requires an equitable division of property pursuant to a divorce, but this does not always mean an equal split. There are many components to asset division proceedings, including:

  • Marital Versus Non-Marital Property: Only marital assets acquired by the spouses together during the marriage are subject to distribution in divorce. Gifts, inheritances, and property obtained before the marriage are not. While the distinction seems straightforward, there can be serious disputes over how to categorize assets.
  • Protection of the Marital Estate: Parties to a divorce are prohibited from wasting, dissipating or hiding marital assets from the time of filing to the entry of a final divorce decree. Unfortunately, spouses may resort to misconduct during the process to prevent a fair, equitable distribution of assets. Our attorneys can advise you on how to handle property and will defend your interests if you are accused of misdeeds. We can also take advantage of legal strategies to locate, regain control, and address assets your spouse may be mishandling.
  • Valuing Assets: While real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, and similar properties can be easily evaluated, other assets are more complex. Interests in a business, goodwill, complex securities accounts, and retirement benefits require the services of professionals. Our firm retains financial experts to assist with establishing an accurate, fair valuation of marital assets.
  • Distributing Property to Respective Spouses: Once properly evaluated, the marital estate must be divided between parties to a divorce, but the process can be more difficult than you may expect. Transferring ownership requires proper court orders, paperwork, and legal attention to ensure you get your fair share.

Through each phase of the property division process, our lawyers will provide customized, dedicated legal services that put your needs first. We take the time to learn about your current financial situation and your future goals, so you can feel confident that we fully protect your rights in complicated asset distribution.

Discuss Your Divorce with an Oak Brook Property Division Attorney

Property distribution is one of the most important aspects of the Illinois divorce process, so you greatly increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome when you have experienced, dedicated lawyers on your side. For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. We advise clients throughout Chicagoland, including Oak Brook, and DuPage and Cook Counties.

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