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Marital Assets Attorney Chicago

Marital Assets Attorney Chicago

Dividing marital assets is a difficult task since cars, houses, and bank accounts can’t simply be cut in half. Throw in the stress and emotions of a divorce, and having an expert in your corner can make a huge difference. The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. has marital assets attorneys in Chicago who are dedicated to helping our divorce clients get the best possible outcomes when splitting their marital assets.

How Illinois No-Fault Divorce Laws Will Impact the Division of Marital Assets

In the old days, one spouse had to prove adultery, drug use, violence, or some other cause for divorce. Illinois has a no-fault divorce law, meaning the court is not interested in any way about who did what to end your marriage. A few states do consider marital misconduct by one spouse against the other in dividing marital assets, but that is not the case in Illinois.

Illinois is an “Equitable Division” State

Illinois law divides marital assets in a divorce based on what seems fair rather than based on what is equal. Dividing assets as close to 50/50 as possible is the goal in “community property” states, but not in equitable division states like Illinois. Here are some factors the court will consider in how to fairly split your marital assets:

  • Length of the marriage 
  • The standard of living the couple is accustomed to 
  • Age and health of each spouse 
  • Work history/earning potential/education of each spouse 

Should You Hire a Marital Assets Lawyer?

Consider the following in deciding whether you would be better off with legal representation in your divorce:

  • Do you need help removing one person’s name from a title or deed?
  • Do you need guidance with property acquired during separation?
  • Do you need help dividing retirement accounts? (Figuring out the coverture fraction and/or setting up a qualified domestic relation order) 

See how you feel thinking about each of these issues, and let that guide you as to whether you’d be better off with a divorce lawyer in your corner.

How to Find the Best Marital Assets Lawyer in Chicago

You probably wouldn’t consider yourself an expert at hiring a divorce lawyer for guidance in marital asset division. Here are some questions you can ask when you interview different lawyers: 

  • Do you fight aggressively or take a collaborative “let’s negotiate” approach? 
  • Do you have an assistant, secretary, or paralegal? What aspects of the case will they be handling? 
  • Are you acquainted with my ex or my ex’s divorce lawyer? 
  • How many divorce cases have you worked on in Chicago? How many settled before going to court? 
  • Will other attorneys in your firm be involved in my case? If so, why? Who?

Get the Marital Assets You’re Entitled to with a Chicago Divorce Lawyer

The Law Offices of George Sanders can assess your situation and ensure that you receive your rightful property and assets in your divorce. We have extensive experience with marital asset division in Chicago, so please contact us today to get started on your best outcome in the divorce.

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