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High Asset Divorce Attorney Chicago

High Asset Divorce Attorney Chicago

When a couple has a high net worth, it raises the stakes of the divorce and increases the chance that the case could be litigated. This is where you need an experienced attorney who will work to get you the best possible divorce agreement. If not, the right high asset divorce attorney in Chicago could litigate the case on your behalf in court.

Common Issues in a High Asset Divorce

The bigger the marital estate, the more complex the issues you may be dealing with in the divorce. In a high asset divorce, you may be dealing with some of the following questions:

  • Valuation of assets in the marital estate
  • Tracking down all the estate’s assets
  • Higher amounts of child support and possible alimony
  • How the divorcing couple will file tax returns

Unfortunately, mistakes that you make during the divorce process can haunt you financially for the rest of your life. This is why it is vital to get legal counsel early on in the process to make you aware of all the complexities. People who delay or will not hire a lawyer familiar with these types of cases may make deals that compromise their legal rights. 

These Divorces Mean a Team of Professionals

High asset divorces often require a team of professionals working for you, led by your divorce attorney. Your lawyer may need to work with:

  • Business valuation experts
  • Forensic accountants
  • Tax accountants
  • Certified divorce financial planners

These divorces often take time and are not resolved overnight. As much as you may want to put the entire situation behind you, patience is a must to ensure the best outcome. Both parties will likely start out with very different negotiating positions that need to be resolved first. The key is to remain calm while you move towards a divorce agreement. Otherwise, the chances of litigation are increased. As hard as it sounds, you should resist the temptation to settle your case too quickly because that is when you end up leaving too much on the table.

While a marriage is ending and a family breaking up, high-net-worth divorces are very much like a business dissolution. Having to deal with the details of the dollars and cents is unavoidable. It is essential to take as much emotion out of the equation as you possibly can. Leaving the details to an experienced divorce attorney is a way to get objective advice that can keep you focused on what is important. 

Ultimately, not every divorce is the same. You should not just hire any attorney to deal with a high asset divorce. You need someone who can handle the complexities while looking out for their client’s legal rights. 

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