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Glenview Divorce Attorney

Glenview Divorce Attorney

A Divorce Lawyer in Glenview Can Help You Through the Divorce Process

If you are facing a divorce, it is in your best interests to consult with an experienced Glenview divorce attorney early on. The divorce process is complicated, but with professional legal counsel, you can ensure that your divorce is handled effectively and efficiently – while the needs of you and your children remain at the forefront of the case.

The Major Factors in Your Case

Every divorce is as unique as the people involved. Nevertheless, there are some basic issues that exist in many divorces, including:

  • Child custody arrangements and child support (for divorces involving children)
  • The division of marital property
  • Spousal support

Child Custody Arrangements

The State of Illinois often uses different language for child custody and visitation, referring to custody as the allocation of parenting time and responsibility, but the result is the same. Illinois generally looks at child custody arrangements as being on a continuum in which both parents share physical and legal custody – not necessarily evenly, however. In fact, one parent will often have what we think of as primary custody, and the other will have a visitation schedule.

Your Parenting Plan

Most divorce cases are settled before they go to court. This is generally the preferred course because the court has vast discretion when it comes to making decisions regarding your children’s custody arrangements. You and your spouse will work toward agreeing on the important details of what will become your parenting plan – with the help of your respective Chicago child custody lawyers. This plan will set forth the exact schedule for when each of you is responsible for your children’s physical custody and will delineate who is responsible for making important decisions related to your children’s education, religious upbringing, medical care, and extracurricular decisions. 

The Division of Your Assets and Debts

Illinois is an equitable division state, and this means that your marital property (the assets and debts you acquired as a married couple) are to be distributed between the two of you in a way that is fair. If you’re not able to come to an agreement with your divorcing spouse regarding this division, the court will have the authority to divide your property for you while taking several important factors into consideration. These factors include:

  • The contributions each of you have made to your family’s finances
  • Whether either of you attempted to hide, spend down, or otherwise alter the value of your marital assets
  • The value of what each of you owns separately
  • How long you were married
  • Any unique circumstances that apply to your divorce
  • The financial effects of any prior marriages (child support payments, for example)
  • You and your spouse’s individual levels of education, health status, income, and earning potential
  • Any contractual agreements made between the two of you, such as a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement

If You’re Facing a Divorce, an Experienced Chicago Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Divorce is complicated, and the results of your divorce will reverberate into you and your children’s future for years to come. The dedicated divorce attorneys at The Law Offices of George M. Sanders in Chicago have the experience, compassion, and knowledge to skillfully advocate for your case’s best possible resolution. We’re here to help, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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