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Evanston Child Custody Lawyer

Evanston Child Custody Lawyer

There are many times when legal questions about parenting rights can arise, including as part of a paternity case, divorce, modification request, and more. If you face any type of custody case, your right to see and care for your children is on the line, and you need to protect those rights with the help of an Evanston child custody lawyer. Do not wait to contact The Law Offices of George M. Sanders for the representation and advocacy you need as a parent.

Illinois Parental Responsibility Law

Illinois law refers to “child custody” as parental responsibility. There are two aspects of parenting rights in our state:

  • Parental responsibility – This allows (and obligates) parents to make important decisions for their child that are in the child’s best interests
  • Parenting time – This refers to the schedule of when a child will live with or visit each parent

Traditionally, these concepts are known as legal and physical custody, and both need to be resolved in any type of parenting case. 

Ways to Resolve Parenting Matters

Not every custody case involves two parents battling it out across a courtroom. In fact, many parents are able to reach an agreement regarding their parenting arrangement out of court. Your Evanston child custody lawyer can negotiate with the other parent’s attorney to see if you can find a middle ground on how to divide custody rights. When negotiation does not work, parents can participate in mediation with their lawyers representing them. If you reach an agreement, you can simply submit it for the court’s approval. 

When two parents cannot agree, however, the stakes of the case can become much higher. You will need to litigate the matter before the family court, and your relationship with your child will then be in the judge’s hands. It is critical that you have the right child custody attorney representing your parental rights in court. 

Often, custody court battles arise because one parent wants to greatly limit the other’s rights or access to the child. This might be due to allegations of abuse, addiction, mental health issues, or other problems that might put the child at risk. Illinois tries to allow children to maintain relationships with both parents whenever possible but will make custody decisions based on what is in the best interest of the child. 

Whether you are trying to get sole custody or fighting against sole custody of the other parent, you need a dedicated advocate standing up for you in court. Our legal team has extensive experience litigating custody matters, and we are ready to help you. 

Speak with an Evanston Child Custody Lawyer Right Away

Whether you have an out-of-court agreement or might need to head to court for your custody matter, you want the right representation from an Evanston child custody lawyer at The Law Offices of George M. Sanders, PC. Do not wait to contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss the many ways we can work to protect your parental rights and future with your child. 

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