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Divorce Lawyers in Cook County

Divorce Lawyers in Cook County

Divorce is a major life change and should not be taken lightly. However, if you or your partner have decided to move forward with the dissolution of your marriage under Illinois law, it is best to secure the services of experienced divorce lawyers in Cook County. By hiring an attorney, you can get your questions answered, to help your divorce to go more smoothly and to take less time to complete. No matter what you divorce involves or what kind of divorce you and your partner are seeking, attorneys from Sanders Family Law can help. 

Types of Divorces We Can Help With

No two divorces are the same. Each spouse and marriage are unique, with different issues to resolve. Some divorcing couples are able to work out agreements amicably while others are not able to speak to each other and must rely on their divorce lawyers in Cook County to assist them in reaching their goals for their divorce and their future. Common types of divorces we help with include:

  • Uncontested divorce – In this type of divorce, the couple agrees on the terms of their parting, their children, their debts and assets, as well as maintenance, formerly known as alimony and child support. Because of their agreement, there is no need to have hearings, negotiations, or court procedures. Even though this type of divorce is usually straightforward, it is still essential that you hire an attorney to represent your interests.
  • Mediation – Couples who can’t agree on the issues in their divorce but want to stay out of court can also opt to have mediation. A mediator assists the couple in identifying and talking through the problems but does not make binding decisions. 
  • Default divorce – When one spouse files and the other does not respond or cannot be found, a divorce can be granted by default after certain requirements have been met and a predetermined amount of time has passed.
  • Contested divorce – When the parties cannot agree on the essential issues,  they retain separate attorneys let the judge decide. The couple will be required to attend hearings, settlement negotiations, and sometimes even a trial. Divorces that involve a high net worth, many assets, and liabilities, or other complex issues may need to use this process over the others. 

What Type of Divorce is Right for You?

When determining what type of divorce you should seek, speak to divorce lawyers in Cook County. You will want to consider your children, assets, whether you and your spouse can agree on the major issues, and how quickly you want your divorce to be over with. You should also consider what your budget is for your divorce.  

Seek Legal Help from Divorce Lawyers in Cook County

Whether you know what type of divorce you want or not, our divorce lawyers in Cook County are waiting to serve you. We can guide and support you during this often-overwhelming time of life. Your first step is to meet with us. Contact us now to schedule your free case consultation at Sanders Family Law. 

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