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Divorce Attorney Near Me

Divorce Attorney Near Me

You may not focus on location when looking into furniture, electronics, or other goods, but geography is a critical consideration when hiring a divorce lawyer. Knowledge and experience are important, but so is having a divorce attorney near your home or place of work. At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., our divorce lawyers serve clients from Cook, DuPage, Will, and other Northern Illinois counties from our conveniently located office in Chicago. Here are a few key considerations to explain more about the benefits of local representation:

  • An Attorney Near You Knows the Right People: Divorce lawyers spend a lot of time at a local courthouse, so they know the judges, clerks, bailiffs, and other support staff involved with a case. Having established relationships with these people can help from a strategic standpoint. Your lawyer will know what evidence, facts, and arguments to present to your advantage.
  • Local Divorce Lawyers Understand the Specific Rules: Every courthouse has specific, detailed rules regarding filing, scheduling, motions, and related tasks. An attorney from out of town may not know the particular court procedural rules that apply in your divorce case. Plus, individual judges often institute policies regarding how divorce cases proceed in their own courtrooms. A local lawyer will know the subtleties, so he or she will not be wasting time by not following the rules.
  • Community Ties Provide an Advantage: Reputation is a crucial attribute in Illinois divorce cases, and attorneys held in high regard can be a benefit to your case. Local attorneys take time to maintain a positive reputation within their community and local courthouse. They are more likely to come prepared and pay proper respect to the judge and other officials. The same may not be true for lawyers who come in for a divorce case, but may never set foot there again.
  • A Close Location Means Better Access to Your Divorce Attorney: Divorce is an emotional, intense process, so you will feel better about trusting your case to a lawyer when you can shake his or her hand. If you have questions, want to vent, or need to prepare for court, you do not want to drive a great distance or take time off work.
  • Local Lawyers are Competitive in Billing: You know that local stores and restaurants tend to stay competitive by keeping prices low. Though retaining legal representation is different from grocery shopping, a divorce attorneys will also consider legal costs as compared to the lawyer across the hall. When you work with a local attorney, you can expect that your legal fees will be competitive. A distant lawyer that does not understand the local legal market may not take rates into account.

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