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Chicago Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Chicago Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

The emotional and financial consequences of divorce are significant for all couples who go through this difficult transition, including same-sex couples. Because same-sex marriages are legal in the State of Illinois and are legal at the federal level, same-sex couples face the same legal hurdles that every other divorcing couple does – but, just like all other couples, they also face their own unique challenges. If you’re facing a same-sex divorce, you’re well-advised to consult with an experienced Chicago same-sex divorce lawyer who is sensitive to your unique case. 

Negotiating Divorce Terms

In the course of your divorce, you and your divorcing spouse – along with your respective same-sex divorce lawyers – will need to find common ground regarding four important terms (or the court will intervene on your behalf). These terms include:

  • The Division of Your Marital Property Your marital property refers to those assets that you and your spouse acquired over the years you were married, which will need to be divided fairly in relation to the circumstances of your marriage. Non-marital property is that property that you brought into the marriage with you and usually remains your separate property upon divorce. The outcome of this division can significantly affect your finances moving forward and should be allowed the careful attention it deserves. 
  • Your Child Custody Arrangements In Illinois, child custody is called parental responsibilities, but the meaning remains the same. Custody can be either physical or legal. Physical custody refers to whom the children live with (and on what schedule), and legal custody refers to who makes important decisions for the children when it comes to matters concerning their education, their religious upbringing, their health care, and their extracurriculars. Both forms of custody can be designated as sole or joint, and many factors will be evaluated in determining if the parties will share these types of custody or if only one of the parties will be designated the sole custodian.
  • Child Support – You and your children’s other parent are both legally responsible for financially supporting your children, and child support payments are intended to help keep both parents’ contributions balanced. Guideline statutes are in place and a formula will be used that factors in both parties’ income and the time spent with the children to determine any child support obligation.  It is not uncommon for the parent who is awarded less time with the children and/or who is the higher earner may owe child support to the other parent. 
  • Alimony – In Illinois, alimony is called spousal support, and whether or not either party owes the other party spousal support will be determined based on many factors. Some of the factors taken into consideration will include the length of the parties’ marriage, the parties’ current financial situation whether or not a spouse can find suitable employment due to his or her age, skill level, or an existing disability. 

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