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Chicago Parenting Time Lawyer

Chicago Parenting Time Lawyer

A Chicago Parenting Time Lawyer Will Protect Your Rights

Parenting time laws refer to the traditional notion of visitation, and they apply regardless of whether the child was born to a married couple or outside the bonds of matrimony. Parents have the right to spend time with their children in most cases, as a proper arrangement has a beneficial impact on the parent-child relationship. Still, you may not fully understand your rights and how to enforce them. The statutes can be confusing, court rules are complex, and you may be overwhelmed by emotion with these matters that affect you so personally.

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C., our Chicago parenting time lawyers appreciate the frustrations you face when attempting to exercise your rights as a parent. We can take the burden of parenting time disputes off your shoulders, so you can focus on your relationship with your child. Please call 312-624-7645 or check out our website to schedule a free consultation, and read on for some important information about parenting time in Illinois.

Illinois Laws Regarding Parenting Time

Parenting time often comes up in a divorce case after a judge has entered an order regarding custody, which is now termed ‘allocation of responsibilities’ in Illinois. For a child born to unmarried parents, the matter may arise after establishing paternity. The non-residential parent is entitled by law to parenting time, as long as there is no history of domestic violence or criminal conduct, or other circumstances that make the arrangement unsafe or inappropriate for the child.

Illinois law includes several provisions related to visitation, but one consideration is paramount to all other factors – the child’s best interests. Other sections that impact the details of parenting time include:

  • Identification of the factors used to determine the child’s best interests;
  • Application of the best interest standard when entering orders regarding parenting time;
  • Enforcement of the court’s orders on parenting time;
  • Remedies available to parents in the event of non-compliance with parenting time orders;
  • Judicial supervision factors if it becomes necessary for a court to become involved; and,
  • Many other topics.

Legal Assistance with Parenting Time

Our lawyers can help with all issues and disputes related to parenting time. Illinois law encourages parents to reach an agreement on the time a non-residential parent spends with the child, and a judge will enter the proper orders where the arrangement is in the child’s best interests. We are at your side to assist with parenting time negotiations, drawing up the paperwork, and entering the appropriate order in court. In the absence of an agreement, our attorneys have the litigation skills and experience to fight for your parenting time rights in court.

Contact a Chicago Parenting Time Attorney with Questions

Our Chicago parenting time attorneys at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. are committed to assisting you with the complicated issues that come up in regards to spending time with your child. Please visit us online or call 312-624-7645 for more information. We are happy to schedule a free consultation to answer your questions and provide more details on your legal options.

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