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Chicago High Asset Divorce Attorney

Chicago High Asset Divorce Attorney

If you accumulated wealth during your marriage you face unique challenges when going through an Illinois divorce. As the value of your marital estate increases so does the possibility for disputes about who gets which assets. Unless you have a skilled Chicago high asset divorce lawyers to help you navigate the process you put your legal rights at risk.

At the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. our divorce attorneys have focused experience in handling high net worth cases. When combined with our extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and legal concepts we are the solid legal advocates you need on your side. Read on for important information about high asset divorces. When ready, please contact our office to schedule an appointment with a lawyer experienced in Illinois high asset divorce cases.

The Legal Skills and Experience You Need in an Illinois High Asset Divorce Case

By definition, a high net worth divorce involves large amounts of real estate and personal property. However, these cases are not just difficult because of the value. Greater complexities enter the picture when considering details regarding ownership and legal requirements for divvying up property under Illinois law.

The legal team at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. can guide you through key issues that tend to arise in high net worth cases, including:

  • Settlement Discussions: You may think an agreement with your spouse is impossible, but our lawyers have negotiating skills and can help take emotion out of the equation. Compromise is more likely when you have a lawyer who understands the law and your rights.
  • Court Hearings on Property Division: In the absence of an agreement, you must attend a court hearing on the process of asset division. Our attorneys have considerable litigation skills so we can present evidence, testimony, and legal arguments to support your position.
  • Concealed Assets: Attempts to hide assets are common in high asset divorce cases, as one party may want to have items excluded from a determination on property division and maintenance. An experienced lawyer can help to identify and locate concealed assets and bring them properly before the court.

Other Legal Services in Illinois High Asset Divorce Matters

In addition, our lawyers can assist with other issues that come up in high net worth divorce cases, such as:

  • Protecting assets from waste during court proceedings or mediation;
  • Drafting an agreement with your spouse on property division;
  • Entering proper court orders regarding your assets;
  • Helping with ownership transfers, whether pursuant to an agreement or court order; and,
  • Many other tasks related to high asset divorces.

Speak to a Knowledgeable Chicago High Asset Divorce Attorney Today

The lawyers at the Law Offices of George M. Sanders, P.C. have extensive experience and meticulous knowledge of Illinois divorce law, particularly in high asset cases. We will support your interests when negotiating an agreement with your spouse and we will be at your side in court if necessary to protect your rights. For more information on how we help clients throughout the Chicago area please contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

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You will find our attorneys to be flexible, responsive, and ready to begin providing exceptional representation to protect your rights and your best interests immediately. Call our law office now at 312-624-7645 to schedule a consultation about your family law needs at no initial charge.


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