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Chicago Domestic Violence Divorce Attorney

Chicago Domestic Violence Divorce Attorney

Many people endure domestic violence because they do not know where to turn or who can help. If you are in this situation, know that an experienced Chicago domestic violence divorce attorney is here to help. We can assess your options to keep you and your children safe and then explore more long-term solutions, such as divorce, if you choose. Domestic violence can impact family law cases in many ways, so you want the right legal advocate by your side. 

Types of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can look very different from one situation to the next. Some of the most common forms of domestic violence that occur include:

  • Physical abuse – This is the most common idea of domestic violence when a spouse or partner engages in physical assault, such as pushing, hitting, restraining, or otherwise harming someone. 
  • Threats of harm – Actual injuries or physical contact do not have to occur for domestic violence to happen. Some abusers use threats of physical harm against you or your child to maintain control and keep you in fear of injuries. 
  • Harassment – Some domestic violence involves a pattern of messages or other communications that are inappropriate, humiliating, or threatening in nature. 
  • Sexual abuse – This can include rape – which can happen between spouses – but also other types of unwanted touching or unwanted sexual conduct. 

Some forms of domestic violence are more identifiable than others. For instance, if you have bruises from physical assaults, you are likely sure that you suffered domestic violence. It can be more difficult if you only faced threats or harassing messages, and you might assume that you did not suffer abuse. However, you do not have to wait until you suffer physical harm to take action to protect yourself and your children. 

The right Chicago domestic abuse lawyer can advise you on your options for protective orders – whether or not you suffered physical harm. This might include an emergency order of protection for the short-term, as well as pursuing a final order that can last for a year or longer. 

Domestic Violence in Divorce Cases

It can be difficult to make the brave decision to leave an abusive partner, and you want the right legal support system when you do so. The first step is usually to get a protective order in place, which can make communications during your divorce case challenging. Fortunately, our law firm knows how to proceed to best protect your rights in a divorce under these circumstances. 

While Illinois law does not allow divorce filings based on fault – such as domestic violence – such conduct on the part of your spouse can play a role in certain aspects of your divorce case. For example, it can impact a child custody ruling if the judge believes the abuser puts your child in harm’s way. It might also affect alimony or property division determinations, depending on your situation. 

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