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Best Family Law Lawyer Near Me

Best Family Law Lawyer Near Me

Family law is an important area of the law that goes well beyond divorce terms and their modifications. Common examples include prenuptial agreements, adoption, and paternity. If you are facing a family law issue, turn to the best family law lawyer near you for the professional legal guidance you need to help protect your right and best interests. 

The Terms of Divorce

Divorce and post-decree modifications of divorce terms are very common family law matters. While divorces vary considerably from couple to couple, the terms that need to be resolved do not, including:

  • The division of marital property, which are those assets you and your spouse acquired while married and which must be divided between you fairly upon divorce
  • Child custody arrangements, which are called parental responsibilities and parenting time in Illinois
  • Child support
  • Alimony, which is called spousal maintenance in Illinois

Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are legal contracts that go into effect upon marriage and that, when legally valid, guide how the terms of a divorce are resolved – or direct the matter of inheritance if there are children who were born outside the current marriage involved. Postnuptial agreements fill the same role, but they are entered into during the course of a marriage. These contracts cannot address matters related to child custody or child support (unless the child support terms exceed those ordered by the court).


Adoption is the legal process that allows couples to welcome children into their families through a challenging legal process that is well worth the effort. 


Paternity is the establishment of a child’s father, and in the State of Illinois, it must be established through legal means if the parents are not married at the time of a child’s birth. If both parents agree on the issue of paternity, they’ll need to sign off on the matter. If there is disagreement regarding paternity, however, the court will likely require DNA testing to establish the father’s identity. The establishment of a child’s father comes with all the following advantages:

  • The child and father can benefit from the strong bond that is very common between children and their parents.
  • Both the child and the mother – if she is the recipient of child support – can benefit from the father’s financial support. 
  • The child can benefit from the legal right to inheritance in relation to the father and to employment-based healthcare benefits, veteran benefits, beneficiary status on life insurance policies, and anything else that applies.
  • The child can benefit from a complete medical history that includes the father’s side.

All told, the benefits of establishing paternity can be difficult to overstate. 

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