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Best Divorce Attorneys Chicago

Best Divorce Attorneys Chicago

If you and your spouse have decided to part ways, you may feel like you are facing one of the biggest challenges of your life. You may be right, but the good news is that with the help of the best divorce attorneys in Chicago, you could successfully navigate the changes that come with divorce and move forward into the better life that awaits you. If you have questions about divorce, child custody, division of marital assets and debt, child support, or spousal maintenance/alimony, we are here to help.

How is Property Divided in a Chicago Divorce?

Property division in a Chicago divorce is a process. It begins with differentiating between individual or separate property and marital property. Property that was acquired during the marriage is generally considered marital property, while property acquired by an individual spouse before the marriage or as a gift or an inheritance after the marriage will be regarded as individual property. 

Once the property is identified, marital property is evaluated and subject to equitable distribution under Illinois law. Depending on the number and types of assets in your marriage, your divorce attorney in Chicago might recommend hiring a forensic accountant or another type of financial expert to help find and evaluate the property. 

What are Parental Decision-Making Responsibilities?

Illinois family courts divide parental decision-making responsibilities into two main categories to include caretaking functions/non-significant decision-making and significant decision-making responsibilities. The latter includes decisions about:

  • Education
  • Religion
  • Medical care
  • Extra-curricular activities  

It’s important to note that the responsibility for significant decision making can be shared by two parents or given exclusively to a single parent. The court upholds that caretaking functions/non-significant decision-making rests with the parent who currently has physical custody of the children at the time the decision needs to be made. Caretaking functions include but are not limited to:

  • Properly feeding the child
  • Managing bedtime and morning routines
  • Physical hygiene
  • Ensuring attendance at scheduled extracurricular activities
  • Providing for physical safety
  • Providing transportation
  • Supervising homework
  • Meeting medical needs
  • Providing moral guidance 

Will You Have to Pay Spousal Support?

This is a pressing question for many “bread-winning” spouses. Also known as alimony or spousal maintenance, these are payments made from one spouse to the other for monthly support. They can be paid in regular or cyclical installments, or even as a lump sum. Alimony helps the receiving spouse pay for their basic necessities such as food, shelter, utilities, and clothing. It is separate from child support payments. 

To qualify for spousal support, the requesting spouse must have been legally married to the spouse who will pay the support. The amount of the support and the duration that support will be paid can be dependent upon the length of the marriage, the financial situation of each party at the time of the divorce, as well as the discretion of the court.

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