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Defective Service of Process a...

Hodges v. Delaney When seeking a judgment against someone, the first step, and an essential one, is properly serving that person with the complaint or petition. Defective service of process can significantly alter the outcome of a case, as seen in Hodges v. Delaney, where th...

Pension Benefits and The Marit...

Marriage of Ochoa, 2019 IL App (3d) 160537 The treatment of pension benefits in a divorce can sometimes raise puzzling questions. Pensions are typically earned over extended periods of time and the monthly payments do not start until an age requirement is met. As a result, p...

Dissipation – Scope and ...

Marriage of Schneeweis, 55 N.E.3d 1280 When a marriage is in the process of breaking down, one spouse may waste or squander marital assets for a number of different reasons. In some cases, this wastage may imperil the financial security of the innocent spouse. One example th...

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