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Is A Loan Considered “Income...

In re Marriage of Ash/Matschke Illinois law instructs judges to broadly define income when calculating child support payments and maintenance payments. What is the definition of “income”? Typically, we think of income as salary and any bonuses and commissions received. T...

How is Income Defined for Chil...

Marriage of Schell, 2021 IL 126802 When most people think of “income” they think of wages from their job, bonuses, and commissions. For purposes of child support, however, income is a much broader concept. In Marriage of Schell, the Illinois Supreme Court further expande...

Defective Service of Process a...

Hodges v. Delaney When seeking a judgment against someone, the first step, and an essential one, is properly serving that person with the complaint or petition. Defective service of process can significantly alter the outcome of a case, as seen in Hodges v. Delaney, where th...

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