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Second District Removal Decisi...

Petitioner and Respondent had a daughter (“S.K.”) who was six years old when the case was decided. In the Judgment for Dissolution, Petitioner was given liberal parenting time which constituted essentially a 50/50 split of parenting time. After the Judgment for Dissoluti...

Child Custody Basics in Illino...

In a divorce proceeding, determining who will have residential custody of a child can be the most contentious and emotionally difficult part of the entire process. Many people believe that courts have a preconceived notion over who will be a better parent. The most common ch...

Parenting Tips During Divorce...

The thought of going through a divorce is both heart wrenching and frightening for most people. Further, it is very common to feel like you have failed, or that you wish you could have done things differently. Support groups exist in many areas that can help with the emotion...

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