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Will My Premarital Agreement be Enforced...

If you are considering divorce in Illinois and have a premarital agreement—also known as a prenuptial agreement or a “prenup”—you are probably anticipating that the court will uphold the terms of that agreement. Generally speaking, premarital agreements frequently include information about a...

Does My New Spouse’s Income Affect...

Illinois courts generally rely on a set of state guidelines to determine a parent’s child support obligations. In theory, this makes calculating support simple–just plug in the correct information and do the math. In practice, there are often disagreements as to what qualifies as the “corr...

How “Permanent” is Spousal Maintenan...

Spousal maintenance is often a contentious issue in Illinois divorce cases. There is the potential for misunderstanding as to how the law works in this area. If a judge determines a spouse is eligible for maintenance there are laws in place that dictate how much the spouse receives and for how long....

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