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Dividing property in an Illinois divorce...

Illinois is an equitable division of property state and distributes property after considering several factors surrounding the divorce case. When couples file for divorce in Illinois, they must negotiate and settle several issues, including child support, parenting time, alimony and property divisio...

Tips on escaping an abusive relationship...

When leaving an abusive marriage, it is wise to create an escape plan. Domestic violence advocates can also help. Getting a divorce is almost always heartbreaking for Illinois residents. However, for some, it can also be dangerous. It is never easy to end a marriage when domestic violence is an issu...

It’s True; I Read It on the Internet: ...

Family law often delves into some of the most intimate aspects of individuals’ lives. From child care, to religious beliefs, to financial information, each and every aspect of a person’s daily life may not only surface, but be the very subject of litigation. Couple this fact with the pro...

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