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It’s True; I Read It on the Internet: ...

Family law often delves into some of the most intimate aspects of individuals’ lives. From child care, to religious beliefs, to financial information, each and every aspect of a person’s daily life may not only surface, but be the very subject of litigation. Couple this fact with the pro...

Being prepared for an Illinois divorce c...

While the diamond in an engagement ring will last forever, marriages do not always last. The statistics indicate that as many as half of first marriages end in divorce. As relationships begin to break down, there may be threats of divorce or the divorce may come as a complete surprise. Planning for ...

Can You Claim Your Child as a Dependent?...

While tax season brings dread for some, others see it as a time to get some extra money. Many parents may have questions about whether they may claim their minor children on their tax returns. Generally, the custodial parent may claim his or her child as a dependent and take advantage of certain tax...

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