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Portillo v. Martinez – The Use of ...

What do you do if your child tells you they were physically or sexually abused by the other parent? For most parents, feelings of anger or pain are quickly followed by a strong desire to establish legal protections for the child. But while you may believe every word without a doubt, the truth is y...

Kimberly R. v. George S. – Key Iss...

Divorced parents of minor children who wish to move out of state with their child might be surprised to learn that obtaining court approval for the move can be difficult and requires careful preparation and planning. An examination of one recent Illinois petition for removal case, and its outcome, c...

Getting Legally Separated in Illinois...

Getting married is a personal choice, and each marriage will take a different path. Some spouses are certain when they want to end a marriage, and others never even consider divorce. Other couples may want to take time to live separately but might not be sure that divorce is the right move for their...

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