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Private Businesses and Child Support...

In re Marriage of Britton, 2022 IL App (5th) 210065 An important issue in any child support case is the amount the person paying child support (“Payor Parent”) earns. In cases where the Payor Parent earns a stable salary and gets a W-2, this issue is straightforward. When the Payor Parent, howev...

How Do You Serve Someone Who Is Difficul...

DHFS v. Demond Edwards, 2022 IL App (1st) 210409 In order to get an enforceable child support judgment on a parent, a private party or the state must serve that party with a petition seeking child support. One common method of serving individuals who are hard to find is to use what is called “subs...

Divorce Settlements – Don’t Assu...

In re Marriage of Onishi-Chong, 2020 IL App. (2d) 180824 Under Illinois law, it is extremely difficult to get out of a martial settlement agreement that was incorporated into a divorce judgment. If a party does not trust the information provided by the other side in a divorce action, or believes the...

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