Drafting And Review Of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a way to protect your assets if your pending marriage fails in the years to come. If you have significant assets or if you expect to receive significant assets during the marriage, it is well worth considering a premarital agreement. You should consider consulting with a Chicago prenuptial agreement lawyer prior to your marriage. Not only can such an agreement save thousands of dollars in attorney fees if your marriage were to end — it can quite literally save the remnants of your relationship, and assist you in parting ways amicably.

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Premarital Agreement Lawyers In Cook County, Illinois

Prenuptial agreements are basically contractual agreements between two people outlining the process to be followed should they divorce at some time in the future. These agreements are generally honored by Illinois courts.

However, under Illinois law, prenuptial agreements cannot cover child support or child custody issues, including attorney fees that are part of child custody or support battles. For example, the agreement cannot dictate what will be paid in child support or arrange for visitation. Rather, premarital agreements can address only financial issues, such as:

  • Property division and maintenance
  • Income, pension and retirement benefits' issues
  • Attorney fees for financial matters arising from divorce

As your Chicago premarital agreement lawyer, we will assist you in creating a prenuptial agreement that meets your goals, and that will be enforceable in court.

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