Child Support Issue?

Raising children is expensive. Child support laws and guidelines exist so that single parents can properly provide for their children. Food and clothing are just the tip of the iceberg as far as costs go. Our lawyers will work hard to make certain that you receive the child support necessary to maintain the appropriate lifestyle for your child.

Extensive Knowledge Of Illinois Child Support Guidelines

The child support formulas provided by state guidelines are only as good as the information the court receives regarding each parent's income and assets. From hidden income, income from assets and imputed income, our attorneys will work hard to ensure that all of the facts are accounted for in the calculation of child support.

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Further, the guideline levels of child support are not appropriate in every case. We will work with you to determine the appropriate levels of child support in your case based on your circumstances. We have the experience and skills needed to help you with the financial issues involved in child support matters, including multi-state jurisdictional matters.

Experienced Counsel Every Step Of The Way

From the initial determination of child support, to post-judgment changes, we can help. We will stand by your side, working hard to get the support you need to raise your child.

Our lawyers are strong believers in providing their clients with personal attention. We will not pass off cases to paralegals or a less experienced attorney.

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